August 20, 2016


General Questions

Do I need to know any web programming or database skills?
No, the web site will be set up for you and the database installed by us with no setup fee. Data is entered through user friendly screens and changes to  web site settings are entered in an easy to use form.

Do I need to subscribe to a web host for the hockey league stats web page?
No, your hockey league site will be hosted by us with no hosting fees.

Do I need to purchase a web address?
No, your hockey league web address will be provided. However, if you want a league URL you can purchase a URL then forward or redirect all visitors automatically to the stats site that we host. Our site is fully capable of adding multiple web pages that your league may need.

What will the URL (Web address) be for my league?
Unless you get your own URL it will look like this : or
example 1 :
example 2 :

Do you provide any support?
Yes, we can assist you with your league site or correct any problems so your league web page functions properly. Simply contact us via email at with any questions or issues.

Can I have extra web pages containing miscellaneous information?
Yes, you can create an extra page by simply entering information in a form. The links to the extra pages will be found on the menu.

Can I quickly put announcements on the home page?
Yes, you can have any amount of announcements. Once it is saved the announcement automatically shows up on the home page.

Can I have pictures on the website?
Yes, you can upload team, player and league photos having pictures show up on various team and player pages.

How do I cancel my subscription?
If at any time you wish to cancel your subscription and discontinue service, you may visit or email us directly at

League Questions

How many games, teams, divisions, seasons, or players can I add?
You can add as many games, teams, divisions, seasons or players as needed.

Can I have an administrator for each division?
Yes, if you have a large league you may have an administrator for each division to maintain a separation of responsibility.

Will any statistics from previous seasons be available to view?
All statistics in any season entered through will be available.

Can a team change divisions?
Yes. You can also move any current points and player stats to the new division if you wish.

Is inter-division games allowed?
Yes, as long as you set the inter-division play option in your administration screens.

Do you allow for overtime games?
Yes, overtime in a league is optional. An overtime win gets 2 points just as a standard win does. And an overtime loss (OTL) gets one point. The overtime win shows up as a win, whereas the overtime loss has its own column.