2017SummerPenguin  Leaders :   2017 Summer Season
Point Leaders
Player Team Points
Hayden Ferra White 23
Reid Schantz Red 19
Sebastian Woodhouse Yellow 17
Gavin Forbes Yellow 14
Colby Bartos White 12
Tyler Brenner Yellow 12
Avin Keller Yellow 11
Connor Zuri Yellow 10
Olivia Humberger Blue 8
Enzo Mele White 8
Savanna Budezieski Red 7
Joby Amato Yellow 6
Jackson Brown White 6
Parker Ferra White 6
Gio Amato Yellow 5
Goal Leaders
Player Team Goals
Hayden Ferra White 17
Reid Schantz Red 17
Colby Bartos White 10
Gavin Forbes Yellow 10
Sebastian Woodhouse Yellow 10
Tyler Brenner Yellow 8
Olivia Humberger Blue 8
Enzo Mele White 7
Avin Keller Yellow 6
Connor Zuri Yellow 6
Joby Amato Yellow 5
Nathan Zatolla Yellow 5
Jackson Brown White 4
Gio Amato Yellow 3
Alec Stafford Red 3

Assist Leaders
Player Team Assists
Sebastian Woodhouse Yellow 7
Hayden Ferra White 6
Savanna Budezieski Red 5
Parker Ferra White 5
Avin Keller Yellow 5
Tyler Brenner Yellow 4
Gavin Forbes Yellow 4
Connor Zuri Yellow 4
Trevor Cava White 3
Gio Amato Yellow 2
Colby Bartos White 2
Jackson Brown White 2
Austin Hoffman Red 2
Malcom McGinley White 2
Reid Schantz Red 2
Penalty Minute Leaders
Player Team PIMS
Seamus Pegar White 11
Hayden Ferra White 5
Jackson Brown White 3
Olivia Humberger Blue 3
Sebastian Woodhouse Yellow 3
Connor Zuri Yellow 3
Parker Ferra White 2
Addy McDonald Yellow 2
Luke Stetari Blue 2
Penny Stotler Blue 2
Gio Amato Yellow 1
Joby Amato Yellow 1
Tyler Bartos White 1
Joseph Bisegna Blue 1
Tyler Brenner Yellow 1

GAA Leaders
Player Team GAA
Colby Bartos White 0.33
Kam Miller Yellow 1.82
Aiden Budezieski Red 2.70
Noah Lander Blue 3.90
Save Percentage Leaders
Player Team Save %
Colby Bartos White 0
Aiden Budezieski Red 0
Noah Lander Blue 0
Kam Miller Yellow 0

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