Sask Valley Hockey League - SVHLSask Valley Hockey League - SVHL
OT format

5 minutes 4 on 4, if still tied 5 minutes 3 on 3, game will end in a tie if still tied. There is no shoot out

Player of the week

Week 1 - Jared Dubkowski, Delisle
Week 2/3 - Jonathan Redlick, Beechy
Week 4 - Mike Sagen, Kenaston
Week 5 - Justin Williams, Eston
Week 6 - Jase Smalcel, Delisle
Week 7 - Brayden Atkinson, Beechy
Week 8 - Mitch Neumeier, Eston

Team Events / Provincials

Jan. 27- Wing Night hosted by Elrose Aces
Provincial Dates:
Beechy @ Foam Lake - Feb. 4 - 7pm. Foam Lake @ Beechy - Feb. 11 at 7pm.

Presidents Message

One minor rule addition in the SVHL this season involves face offs after penalties. Good luck to all the teams, I hope to see many spectators in the rinks as this is what is needed to keep small town hockey alive.

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League Contact Info :
Doug Hodgins  
306-375-7313                   Online Ice and Inline Hockey Equipment                   Admin Login