Sask Valley Hockey League - SVHLSask Valley Hockey League - SVHL

1st team all star
Center: Jonathon Redlick, Beechy
Right Wing: Justin Bernhardt, Outlook
Left Wing: Shay Stephenson, Outlook
Right Defence: Jeff Marshall, Kyle
Left Defence: Byron Sorenson, Kyle
Goal: Tyrell King, Eston

2nd team all star
Center: Rhett Kehoe, Kenaston
Right Wing: Steve Da Silva, Beechy
Left Wing: Eric Peterson, Kenaston
Right Defence: Amory Mudrewich, Outlook
Left Defence: Chad Starling, Delisle
Goal: Jarred Dubkowski, Delisle

Most Valuable Player
Jonathon Redlick, Beechy

Most Gentlemanly with Ability
Steve Da Silva, Beechy

Top Defenceman
Byron Sorenson, Kyle

Top Rookie
Liam Maley, Loreburn

Top Goaltender
Jarred Dubkowski 2.63 GAA Delisle

Coach of the Year
Dean Blenkinsop, Kenaston,

Most Points
Eric Peterson, Kenaston 63
Most Goals
Eric Peterson 34
Most Assists
Cody Pettopiece, Kenaston 34


Kyle VS Elrose Kyle wins series 3-0
Eston VS C. Butte Eston wins series 3-0
Kenaston VS Outlook Outlook wins series 3-0
Delisle VS Beechy Delisle wins 3-1
Round 1 3 of 5 Feb. 1-15
Round 2 3 of 5 Feb. 16- March 5
Kyle VS Outlook Kyle wins series 3-0
Eston VS Delisle Eston wins series 3-2
Finals 3 of 5 March 6- 31
Kyle VS Eston Eston leads 2-1

OT format

Playoff format reverts to SHA overtime rules. 10 minute sudden death without switching ends, or at the discretion of the ref, a flood and 20 minute sudden death with the long change. All games must have a winner.

Player of the week

Week 1 - Jared Dubkowski, Delisle
Week 2/3 - Jonathan Redlick, Beechy
Week 4 - Mike Sagen, Kenaston
Week 5 - Justin Williams, Eston
Week 6 - Jase Smalcel, Delisle
Week 7 - Brayden Atkinson, Beechy
Week 8 - Mitch Neumeier, Eston
Week 9 - Steve DaSilva, Beechy
Week 10 - Eric Peterson, Kenaston
Week 11 - Derek Derdall, Outlook
Round 1 Series MVP's
Jared Dubkowski, Delisle
Brad Barton, Outlook
Brett Howe, Eston
Brennan Bosovich, Kyle
Round 2 Series MVP's
Thomas Williams, Kyle
Tyrell King, Eston

Team Events / Provincials

Provincial Dates:
Delisle VS Raymore Delisle leads series 1-0

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League Contact Info :
Doug Hodgins  

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