Sask Valley Hockey League - SVHLSask Valley Hockey League - SVHL

Senior  Leaders :   2016/2017 Playoffs
Point Leaders
Player Team Points
Justin Williams Eston Ramblers 22
Brennan Bosovich Kyle Elks 19
Brett Boehm Kyle Elks 18
Brett Howe Eston Ramblers 17
Darcy Morrice Eston Ramblers 17
Thomas Williams Kyle Elks 14
Jordan Wittman Kyle Elks 14
Justin Bernhardt Outlook Ice Hawks 13
Chad Laing Delisle Bruins 13
Shay Stephenson Outlook Ice Hawks 13
Cory Hodgins Kyle Elks 12
Colby Daniels Eston Ramblers 11
Kevin Mryglod Delisle Bruins 11
Scott Poulter Eston Ramblers 10
Colby Schneider Kyle Elks 10
Goal Leaders
Player Team Goals
Brett Boehm Kyle Elks 11
Darcy Morrice Eston Ramblers 10
Thomas Williams Kyle Elks 10
Brennan Bosovich Kyle Elks 8
Justin Bernhardt Outlook Ice Hawks 7
Chad Laing Delisle Bruins 7
Brett Howe Eston Ramblers 6
Quinn McLean Eston Ramblers 6
Kevin Mryglod Delisle Bruins 6
Justin Williams Eston Ramblers 6
Jordan Wittman Kyle Elks 6
Dustin Bilanski Delisle Bruins 5
Brett Leedahl Elrose Aces 5
Shay Stephenson Outlook Ice Hawks 5
Colby Daniels Eston Ramblers 4

Assist Leaders
Player Team Assists
Justin Williams Eston Ramblers 16
Brennan Bosovich Kyle Elks 11
Brett Howe Eston Ramblers 11
Cory Hodgins Kyle Elks 8
Shay Stephenson Outlook Ice Hawks 8
Jordan Wittman Kyle Elks 8
Brett Boehm Kyle Elks 7
Colby Daniels Eston Ramblers 7
Darcy Morrice Eston Ramblers 7
Scott Poulter Eston Ramblers 7
Joel Rogers Kyle Elks 7
Colby Schneider Kyle Elks 7
Carter Berg Eston Ramblers 6
Justin Bernhardt Outlook Ice Hawks 6
Chad Laing Delisle Bruins 6
Penalty Minute Leaders
Player Team PIMS
Dieter Gillanders Kyle Elks 50
Brendan Boyle Delisle Bruins 32
Carter Berg Eston Ramblers 24
Brett Howe Eston Ramblers 22
Quinn McLean Eston Ramblers 22
Steven Turner Eston Ramblers 22
Chad Starling Delisle Bruins 20
Justin Williams Eston Ramblers 20
Brandon Kuse Eston Ramblers 19
Casey Rempel Kyle Elks 19
R.J LaRochelle Kyle Elks 18
Robert Solnicka Outlook Ice Hawks 18
Brett Boehm Kyle Elks 16
Brennan Bosovich Kyle Elks 16
Tim Spencer Outlook Ice Hawks 15

GAA Leaders
Player Team GAA
Jonathan Meyer Eston Ramblers 0.00
Jared Dubkowski Delisle Bruins 2.32
Tyrell King Eston Ramblers 2.33
Matt Richard Kyle Elks 3.01
Mackenzie Dietrick Kyle Elks 4.12
Tyler Peakman Delisle Bruins 5.13
Brett Lewchuk Kenaston Blizzards 5.14
Brad Barton Outlook Ice Hawks 5.17
Tyler Flynn Beechy Bombers 5.37
Ryan A Campbell Elrose Aces 6.50
Save Percentage Leaders
Player Team Save %
Tyrell King Eston Ramblers 0.944
Jared Dubkowski Delisle Bruins 0.931
Matt Richard Kyle Elks 0.922
Brett Lewchuk Kenaston Blizzards 0.891
Ryan A Campbell Elrose Aces 0.888
Brad Barton Outlook Ice Hawks 0.877
Tyler Flynn Beechy Bombers 0.866
Dave Armet Central Butte Flyers 0.864
Tyler Peakman Delisle Bruins 0.862
Keith Boon Beechy Bombers 0.857

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