Sask Valley Hockey League - SVHLSask Valley Hockey League - SVHL


Playoff 3 Stars

3 Stars of Round 1
Kyle vs. Elrose
1st Star - Jesse Shynkaruk, Kyle
2nd Star - Jordan Wittman, Kyle
3rd Star - Ryan Campbell, Elrose
Delisle Vs. Beechy
1st Star - Jared Dubkowski and Tyler Peakman, Delisle
2nd Star - Jace Smalcel, Delisle
3rd Star - Ryan Menei, Beechy
Central Butte Vs. Outlook
1st Star -Dave Armet, CB
2nd Star - Joe Bristow, CB
3rd Star - Brendan Plant, Outlook
Eston Vs. Kenaston
1st Star - Brett Lewchuck, Eston
2nd Star - Cam Oliphant, Eston
3rd Star - Justin Williams, Eston
Honourable Mention - Mike Prpich, Kenaston


MVP: Jonathon Redlick Beechy
Top Rookie: Chase Elaschuk Eston
Most Gentlemanly with Ability: Brett Howe Eston
Top Defenceman: Dustin Stevenson Eston
Best Team GAA: 2.84 MacKenzie Dietrick, Matt Richard Kyle
Coach Of The Year: Dallas Bryan Central Butte

Most Points: Jonathon Redlick Beechy 64
Most Goals: Jesse Shynkuruk Kyle 28
Most Assists: Jonathon Redlick Beechy 38

1St Team Allstars
Center: Jonathon Redlick Beechy
Right Wing: Brett Boehm Kyle
Left Wing: Shay Stephenson Outlook
Right Defence: Dustin Stevenson Eston
Left Defence: Chad Starling Delisle
Goal: Tyrell King Eston

2nd Team Allstars
Center: Jesse Shynkuruk Kyle
Right Wing: Justin Williams Eston
Left Wing: Ryan Menei Beechy
Right Defence: Amory Mudrewich Outlook
Left Defence: Cody Pettapiece Kenaston
Goal: Dave Armet Central Butte

SVHL Playoffs

Round 1 - Best of 5. This will be played from February 2nd-18th.
Kyle VS Elrose Kyle Wins series 3-0
Eston VS Kenaston Eston wins series
Outlook VS Central Butte Central Butte wins series
Beechy VS Delisle Delisle wins series 3-0
Round 2 - Best of 5. February 19th- March 11th.

Kyle VS Delisle
Eston VS Central Butte
Finals - Best of 5 (or best of 7 if both teams agree). March 12- 31st.
Reminder - playoff tie-breaking procedure shifts to SHA rules.

to find playoff schedules, go to change seasons in menu, select 2018 playoffs Good luck to all teams in the remainder of the season!

SVHL Executive

President: Doug Hodgins
Vice President: Trevor Drury
Past President: Dean Corbett
Secretary/ Treasurer: Cindy Rempel
Statistician: Rachelle Wright

OT format

SHA rules, 10 minute sudden death, then 20 minute periods, all sudden death

Provincial Playoffs

It's that time of year again - Provincial Playoffs! Dates and times will be posted once they are confirmed.

Senior B - Eston VS Outlook Feb. 24 @ 8:00 PM , Eston @ Outlook Mar. 3 @ 8:00 PM
Beechy Vs. Biggar -Mar 2 in Beechy @ 8:00, Mar 3 in Biggar @ 8:00

Kyle VS Strasbourg Kyle @ Strasbourg Feb 25 @5:30PM
Strasbourg @ kyle March 4 @4:00PM Good Luck to all teams! Bring home some Banners!

Player of the week

Week 1 - Jonathan Redlick, Beechy
Week 2/3 - Zach Douglas, Elrose
Week 4 - Brennan Bosovich, Kyle
Week 5 - Mitch Day, Kyle
Week 6 - Dustin Stevenson, Eston
Week 7 - Jesse Book, Loreburn
Week 8/9 - Dave Armet, Central Butte
Week 10 - Alex Barnes, Beechy
Week 11 - Rhett Kehoe, Kenaston
Week 12 - Jared Dubkowski, Delisle

Presidents Message

A nine team league this year with 3 geographical divisions makes for a 20 game schedule for each team. Each team will play a home and home with all teams and another home and home with both teams in their divisions. In division 1 is Eston, Elrose and Kyle, 2 is Beechy, Delisle and Outlook, 3 is Central Butte, Kenaston and Loreburn. The top 8 teams will make the playoffs with the top team having a choice of whom they play in round 1 from the bottom 4 teams, 2nd place can now choose and then 3rd leaving the 4th place team playing the remaining team. Playoffs remain 3 of 5 in the 1st 2 rounds with the finals either 3 of 5 or 4 of 7 decided upon by both teams reaching the finals.

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